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Karmod is the answer to all of your security guard shack needs and we regularly make our guard shacks for a variety of purposes, which include and are not limited to, security booths, ticket stations, parking booths, mobile trailer booths, toll booths, ticket booths, wallet booths, security shacks, kiosks, elevated platform or stand mounted booths, pay station shelters, bus shelters, & transport shelters. Karmod offers an enormous selection of guard shack for sale that can be purchased as standard designs or modified per user requests

Our galvanized steel prefabricated guard shacks are built with MIG-welded unified frames and have panels to withstand years of rough use. Although competitors can provide a prefab guard shack of the same size, they are often built from a pressboard, which does not provide as much durability as our products can offer. We do not compromise on quality workmanship and equipment in our pre-built guardhouses. While ensuring strict adherence to quality & excellence, we use only the highest quality materials for the construction of all our guard shacks. Our portable guard shacks and pre-built control booths are of the highest quality on the market, without compromising on the guard shack prices, so you get the best quality for a fraction of the price.

Since every guard shack starts from scratch, we can modify individual components such as doors, counters, remove and relocate windows, equipment cabinets, computers, and video mounts to suit your extensive business needs. Once completed, they are then shipped fully prefabricated, directly to the customer ready to be assembled and used.

A brief description of our selection of guard shacks and guard shack enclosures are listed in more detail below.

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Guard Shacks

Karmod Pre-Built Guard Booths & Security Booths provide an efficient, long-lasting, and visually attractive environment for a wide variety of Guard Booth applications. Intended and engineered for power and stability, Karmod Prefabricated Technologies offers an almost unlimited freedom of security booth design. They come in standard sizes but can be manufactured to any specification, as well as the inclusion of optional extras such as electrical components and climate control.

Parking booths

Karmod parking booths (security booths and guard booths) offer a more aesthetically pleasing appearance look than the usual security booth design. Our parking booths have multiple utility capabilities and are a popular choice among architects. These booths come with two diverse configurations and standard sizes that can be customized to any specific requirements.

Auto-Service Booths

Karmod’s booths provide an efficient, long-lasting, and eye-catching service booth for automobile dealerships. Service booths are designed for service units in automobile dealerships, capable of successfully serving customers as efficiently as possible. These are designed with two different types of door configurations, custom sizes and custom designs.

Custom Ticket Booths

Already have a ticket booth design, then we can work with you to turn it into a reality. A little ingenuity can make a simple booth design unique. Most of Karmod’s custom booth designs are tailored to specific requests, so our team of designers have extensive custom design knowledge and experience to help you achieve your requests. Examples of available modifications are shape, size, additional extras, and style.

Transport shelters

We offer not only guard booths & security booths, but also fully assembled shelters including transit shelters, bus shelters, smoking shelters, and passenger-waiting shelters. Karmod offers you a wide range of options to customize your shelter to meet your specific needs and requirements. They can be designed and constructed for use in both open air and enclosed locations.


All of our prefab guard shacks are made out of our standard white prefabricated aluminum. These aluminum shacks and shelters need minimal protection and are extremely durable, with a life of over 20 years. Karmod in Los Angeles USA can transport these shacks and shelters around the entire world. These Karmod buildings are fully assembled and prefabricated for easy installation and with an extensive selection of custom booths designs, we’ll be sure to provide you with a design that works perfectly for your specific project. Or work closely with you to create a design that meets all of your needs.

We also have a team of skilled sales personnel to answer all your inquiries about your security guard shack options. You may have questions about custom changes, specialized apps, and restroom additions, including bulletproof guard houses and more. So don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information.


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