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Guard Booths

Highest Quality & Best Variety of Guard Booths

We are the premier manufacturer of prefab guard booths, Prefab security guardhouse & Shelters, all built to your specific business needs and for your climate.

We’ve pushed the limits of the guard booth’s dimensions and added a versatile range of wide guard booths. If you are looking for construction site offices, conference rooms, canteens, storage rooms, clinics, or classrooms, then you can buy with our wide cabins a closed area of up to 50 m².

Depending on the customer’s wishes, various applications and improvements may be taken into account, e.g. Shutters for windows and air conditioners. The foam-filled glass fiber reinforced wide guard house made of fiberglass plates are sturdy even in extreme weather conditions.

Join thousands of companies and people around the world who chose Karmod’s wide guard house and appreciated the difference.

Guard Booths Models

Karmod has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality security guard booths since 1986. While many of our competitors are starting to branch out into newer products and leave the core products behind, at Karmod, we remain true to our core products and designs. That is why we continue to produce the finest portable guard booths and aluminum buildings on the market.

Karmod portable steel buildings are fabricated to resist years of environmental corrosion and physical wear. This is why Karmod is a number one choice for supplying, not only the US and the US military but airports and private industries across the entire world with guard booths. These booths include and are not limited to, security booths, guard shocks, guardhouses, dock shelters, venture ports, perimeter checkpoints, checkpoints, and gun or surveillance towers.

Why Buy Portafab Guard Booths?

Special Security Quality

All Karmod guard booths come with option extras designed for personal modification to suit the buyer’s particular requirements. One of these extras is focused on the special security qualities, which are provided to keep staff or users comfortable as well as secure. These optional extras range from reflective glass, gun portals, exterior lighting, security screens, interior lights, intercoms, sliding windows, and bullet resistant paneling.

Karmod know the importance of making emloyees feel safe, that is why Karmod Guard Booths are designed for both comfort and protection. The full 360-degree field of vision provided with each Karmod Guard Booth allows for an optimal vantage point for anyone inside. When partnered with some of the extras available, like the shatterproof glass, Karmod prebuilt Guard Booths not only protect employees but also prevent intruders and thefts.


All of Karmod guard booths are built from long lasting and durable materials, which are designed to stand the test of time no matter what industry they are being used for. Karmod Guard Booths are constructed from PPGI (pre-painted galvanized iron) sandwich panels and aluminum framing, which are filled with weather-resistant insulation. They are stabilized by galvanized diamond floor plates, and a solid steel base. All welded together with the use of durable, low maintenance materials, which are all specifically chosen to create the reliable longevity that comes with the Karmod Guard Booth.

Depending on customer wishes, other materials may be required. For example, the foam-filled fiberglass guardhouse is made of fiberglass plates that can withstand strong weather conditions even in extreme weather conditions.


As mentioned prior, Karmod Guard Booths are available in a variation of designs to suit the customer’s requirements. These variations are also present within the aesthetic and visual appearance of the Guard Booths. They can be selected in a variety of colors as well as other types of finishes, such as two-tone paint, brick veneers, and a variety of glass and rooftop finishes. Through these extensive aesthetic options, Karmod can match the prefab Guard Booths to the design elements of any location or existing construction plan. Karmod take pride in continually striving to bring ground-breaking, yet functional and artistic guard booth design ideas to the production floor, to suit the requirements of any possible client.

Convenience and Compatibility

Karmod produce dependable booths that are durable, weatherproof, ventilated, and well insulated. Each booth has a spacious work area, designed for maximum natural light and 360-degree views. Karmod Guard Booths can be customized to add built-in baseboard heaters for air conditioning, clear windows, extra desks, extra seating, duplex ethernet ports, and more – all designed for maximum comfort and office needs. These modifications allow for maximum productivity and convenience when working inside a Karmod Guard Booth. They also can be modified to fit whatever working environment is currently employed or intended to be employed.

The added beauty of Karmod prefabricated factory-built guard booths is that they can be effortlessly moved by forklifts, cranes, or other methods, if so needed.

Guard booths price

Thanks to the extensive research and production knowledge, Karmod have created an efficient design and production process. This allows us to sell directly to the consumer, at a competitive price, without incurring costs through a supplier or team of outside vendors. At Karmod, we understand that time is money, that is why we work hard to get what you need fast.


We have recently increased the size limits of guard booths and added a wide range of versatile guard booths. You can browse through all of our Guard Booths for sale and many more on our Guard Booths pages, where you will also be able to request a quote. During normal trading hours, you can usually expect to receive a quote within an hour.

So go ahead and join the thousands of companies and individuals around the world who have already utilized the durability and the diversity of Karmod’s extensive security Guard Booths.

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