Container Homes

A finished container homes in just one day.

Build Your Dream Container Home in the United States of America.. These sleek, modern universal container homes can be ready to occupy in 40%-60% less time than using standard construction methods.

The Karmod container homes is different than normal homes. It is fast, practical and an idea for the people who are breaking new ground and thinking new thoughts. Perfectly planned by us and planned according to your wishes. We offer high quality container homes in modular design at reasonable prices. The container home is the ideal solution when it comes to quickly and easily create an attractive living and working space. Apart from the fact that the container homes do not need to be approved by most authorities, they can easily be dismantled after installation and placed at a different place of use, as desired.

Container Homes Models

These days, the affordability of building your own house is a hastle to handle but with the option of Karmod Container Homes you get closer to archive your dreams. Instead of focusing on high cost of construction, you could be thinking on other things to make your dream land the way you like to see. Complications and long building time frame of normal homes will make you tired but with Karmod container homes, you will have your place mostly covered up and ready to live compare to normal long taking-to-build homes. All you will need is small touches.

Karmod container homes is not only good becasue of affordability, its multi-use gives you comfort for any design ideas. It could be a guest house in your backyard or a place to live in a weekend where you have purchased a land in the mountains. For some people it could be a unique design idea as your main home to live and create unforgettable memories. When you decide to change your home or build another, you can always move Karmod container home to another location that you desire.

Stop thinking how much you will need to pay for construction materials and long waits, and start thinking spending your money for other needs that you saved by using Karmod container homes.

Benefits of Container Homes

  • Durability

Steel is being used for framing for higher durability of the building.

  • Inexpensive

Compare to all the other options available, Container homes are the cheapest way of building

  • Flexibility of use

You can use it as a home, then you can remove it from its place to use it as a storage in your backyard or a guest room. Some people transfer their Karmod Container home to a music studio. Options are endless. It is all your decision how to use it.

  • Efficient

With the proper insulation. Karmod Container Homes becomes incredible energy efficient buildings.

  • Short time to Build

If you are tired of waiting long time buildings, Karmod Container Homes are just for you. It can be built very quickly since all the pieces comes pre-made, and it is all about bringing the pieces together.

  • Remove and Move it anywhere you like

When you think of moving somewhere else, you can relocate the Karmod Container Home to your desired location.

  • Customizable

You can let us know your idea, and we can design it with or designer team. Reach us for more information.

Karmod’s modern container homes combine the use of clean lines, authentic materials, and efficient use of space in every model we build, to create high-end container homes that promote an energy-efficient and durable housing solution that runs entirely on electricity.

Karmod container homes are multi-purpose and can be applied to many uses such as Holiday Homes, University Campus Lodges Granny Annex / Retirement Homes, Hotels, School Buildings, Community Buildings, Care Home Communities, Garden Rooms, Man-Caves / She-Sheds, Shops, and Cafes, Extending Your Existing Home – and much more can be. They are even evolving into a more sustainable location than normal housing and are currently ready to serve as luxury container homes.

Our container home plans, are designed to provide an indoor-outdoor living experience, no matter where you choose to locate your custom container home. The modular nature of Karmod’s container homes means that they are built using a strict quality control program in a controlled factory environment resulting in considerably less wasteful than conventional construction methods. They are built to the highest quality standards, using the most durable materials, focusing on energy efficiency and stability at the core. So, whether it is an H series shipping container or an M series rigid steel frame, the prefab container homes that we build are manufactured from the most durable high-quality materials that are built to last.

At Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we offer affordable shipping container home designs that range from one, two, three, and even four-bedroom homes. All our homes are fully equipped with a turn-key solution. Karmod container home plans also incorporate an intelligent passive cooling system into our container homes, designed to help reduce the need for artificial heating or cooling throughout the year.

Examples of how some of our container homes are structured are outlined below.

3 Bedroom

A one-floor, three-bedroom, shipping container home consists of two 70-foot Karmod shipping containers joined expertly together to create an inviting, cozy, warm, and three-bedroom home. A house that offers excellent value for money, H₂, which doubles H₁’s floor space.

4 Bedroom

A four-bedroom shipping container home exists on two levels, constructed from three 70-foot Karmod shipping containers combined to create a very spacious four-bedroom family home. With a double hipped roof, this is a very spacious and inviting house, that can also be extensively furnished, for an extremely low cost for the perfect container home interior.

Advantages of Container homes

Environmentally Friendly

Container homes are environmentally friendly because they have been repurposed from existing shipping containers. Large quantities of cargo containers are discarded in ports around the world due to one-way cargo, transforming them into homes is a particularly environmental way of repurposing them, without the need to melt them down.


Shipping containers are the perfect shape to rebuild into modern container homes, and a house built from them is at least 30% cheaper than a house of the same size built, from scratch, with bricks and mortar. Structured work is also cheaper, further reducing the container homes cost.

Structural Stability

Shipping containers are widely used because they are “virtually indestructible”. Custom container homes are designed to withstand heavy loads, harsh weather conditions, as well as rough seas, and can be easily stacked one on top of the other to create multi-story homes. Their structural stability makes such homes earthquake and hurricane-proof, making them one of the safest places to be in natural disaster-prone areas.

Convenience/speed of Construction

Compared to brick-and-mortar construction, which takes 4-6 months to make, it only takes about 2-3 weeks to build a house structure from a shipping container. Most structures can be assembled within a day if all the pieces are cut to a size similar to the prefabricated structures.

Off-site Construction

Our luxury container homes are built on the site, ready to go directly onto your land. Sometimes it is not appropriate, or possible to build directly onto the land. In this case, the shipping containers are constructed in our local workshops, and then the final product is sent to the desired location and installed.


At Karmod, our modular container homes are specifically structured to minimize any form of a break-in or criminal activity. They require a blowtorch or dynamite to get into the containers and are too heavy to lift and make without anyone noticing. We have transformed container homes into safe places for use in even the most isolated areas.


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