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Karmod is the World Leader in production of modular Kiosks..

The World's living kiosks brand name is Karmod. Karmod Modular Retail kiosks are being securely used in more than 120 countries around the World.

Why is Karmod the world’s most preferable kiosk brand?

With our range of Quality & Flexible Portable Refurbished Kiosks, We are the leading supplier in portable modular buildings and kiosks in the USA.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and are known for our short lead times on security guard kiosk and quick delivery process on our cabinets & enclosures.


Karmod Kiosks’ range of kiosks are modular, portable and fully customisable, ideally suited for any purpose, in any location. Secure, robust and versatile, our extensive range offers enormously flexible accommodation solutions with each unit branded and customised to suit your exact requirements.

Karmod Kiosks’ portable modular buildings are suitable for a multitude of applications, including security kiosk, retail and catering units, offices and car parking kiosk.


We also supply kiosks for use at entertainment venues where they are widely used for the sale of tickets, programmes and merchandise or as betting booths and information centres. With their flexible functionality and superior branding capabilities, the look and use of our kiosks are truly only limited by your imagination!

-Modular commercial Kiosk production is performed through modern band System with full density usage of raw material.

-Karmod kiosk has odor-free property thanks to the special painting System inside oven, so people can stay in it without annoyance.

-Thanks to the strict quality control system, Karmod kiosk are highly secure and satisfactory to their users. Karmod modular kiosk carry superior characteristics including functional usage of their plans, log-lasting structures, well insulated and shiny surfaces.


Superior quality, Cost Effective,Space Efficient,Durable...

Karmod produces wide range of modular kiosk with demountable structures starting from 150x150 cm dimensions and up to 80 square meters of closed place. Karmod commercial kiosk are pre-produced at Karmod factory according to international transportation standards and they can be transported anywhere in the World and assembled by Karmod expert teams. Karmod Retail kiosk is used as security kioskbuffet kiosk, Coffee & Street Food Kiosks, market kiosk , sales office kiosk, worksite kiosk, bread selling kiosk, tickets and billets sales kiosks, hairdresser kiosk, police service point, police center kiosk, school canteen kiosk, Toilet and shower kiosk and in many areas where closed and secure places are needed.


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