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Guard Booths

Highest Quality & Best Variety of Guard Booths

We are the premier manufacturer of prefab guard booths, Prefab security guard house & Shelters, all built to your specific business needs and for your climate.

We've pushed the limits of guard booths dimensions and added a versatile range of wide guard booths. If you are looking for construction site offices, conference rooms, canteens, storage rooms, clinics or classrooms, then you can buy with our wide cabins a closed area of up to 50 m².

Depending on the customer's wishes, various applications and improvements may be taken into account, e.g. Shutters for windows and air conditioners. The foam filled glass fiber reinforced wide guard house made of fiberglass plates are sturdy even in extreme weather conditions.

Join thousands of companies and people around the world who chose Karmod's wide guard house and appreciated the difference.


Our guard booths protect facilities critical to our nation

We treat our nation’s security with the utmost importance, and our guard booths are helping to protect our nation’s frontlines of defense. A civil engineer for a power plant wrote, “We wanted our guard booths and guard houses to be substantial and well done with excellent workmanship. We asked Karmod. to go where many manufacturers can’t go. Our Karmod portable guard house buildings are outstanding.”

Guard Booths & Guard Houses

Civilian and military security guards have an important job function and are faced with certain job hazards. Having a security booth allows them one less stress to face every day. Karmod manufactures custom guard booths and guard houses to meet the need of each individual facility.

Prefab guard booths are innately stronger than traditional booths because each individual section is designed to withstand the stress of transportation and assembly. They  are also forkliftable for ease of relocation. Use security booths to protect individuals and employees at government and military installations, airports, theme parks, stadiums, manufacturing facilities, Prefabricated guard booths, border crossings, fueling stations, and much more.


Karmod  can provide your business with prefab guard booths to house your security personnel. Our portable guard houses are constructed with durable material. They can even withstand harsh weather conditions. These products can be installed quickly to ensure less down time. You can also easily relocate the booths.

Guardian Booth is a manufacturer of prefab guard house for guards, parking attendants, ticket vendors, and cashiers. In addition, Guardian Booth is a market leader in portable security enclosures and modular office enclosures.

Our portable guard booths will defend your security guards from rain, snow, and hail. To learn more, give karmod a call today.


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