Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets

Our portable toilets and showers make life simpler.

Portable toilets are preferred in a wide variety of places, for example, campsites, caravan parks, ships, construction sites, and fairs to name a few. Portable toilets are an ideal option for these types of venues where there are usually no pre-existing facilities, and none can be viably constructed. They allow the guests and public to discreetly use facilities in inconvenient and hygienic conditions.

Portable Toilets Models

As it is also known, the mobile toilets need of the people are among the most common problems in crowded events that are organized in remote locations where there is no existing infrastructure. Although it is possible to produce very different solutions to this problem, one of the most widely used options in recent years is mobile restrooms. Due to their moisture and heat insulation properties, they can be used easily in all climatic conditions.

Portable toilets are usually built to specific standards. They are produced in the dimensions of 240 cm x 110 cm x 110 cm. The crystallized grooves they are built with, are designed to let in the maximum amount of daylight, so people can easily and comfortably meet their needs during the day, without sacrificing privacy.

Due to the fact that portable toilets are manufactured in a ready-to-use, highly portable, and foldable format, they are incredibly easy to set up and are an economical and practical, safe solution for crowded places.

portable toilets

Karmod is, among other things, a portable restroom manufacturer, and our portable toilets are made from polyethylene which not only makes them extremely long-lasting, but lightweight and easily moveable. The standard-sized portable toilets can contain up to 150 liters of waste. Because of the specially designed odor inhibitors employed within these restrooms, toilet users and people are not disturbed by bad odors that can sometimes leak from the storage tanks.

Inside Karmod mobile restrooms, there is a sink with separate clean, and waste, water tanks, and a flush system toilet. Portable toilets are perfect for use in places where there is no sewer connection. In such cases, portable toilets can be set-up temporarily and easily removed when they are no longer required.

Karmod portable restrooms for sale purposes can be designed to match the requirements of the customer upon request. A portable toilet rental service is also provided by Karmod. If these mobile toilets are not used in such areas, very serious health problems may arise, especially in terms of hygiene. Therefore, people who attend such events expect safe, hygienic, and convenient facilities that reduce the risk of a health condition.

As in Portable Restrooms, portable bathrooms can be used in camping sites, outdoor organizations, boats, beaches, caravan, etc.

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Where Are the Portable restroom Usage Areas?

As Portable toilets are so convenient and so popular, they can be found on camping sites, outdoor organizations, boats, beaches, caravan, etc.


You can use these toilets at concerts and stage performances held in city centers or areas far from city centers. The most basic requirement for the audience is the need for a toilet and sink. We are able to provide as many portable toilets as would be desired in accordance with the number of audiences.

Picnic Areas

Portable toilets are perfect for use in outdoor activity fields where there are no existing facilities.

Boats and Caravan

Portable Restrooms, or more aptly portable toilets, are also incorporated into boats, yachts and caravans, just not in the box style you may be used to seeing. However, the mechanism and basic structure remain the same, with its own holding tanks that will need to be emptied when full. Thanks to the special deodorizing chemical used in it, it does not allow the spread of bad odor to the environment, which is particularly necessary in an enclosed space like a boat or a caravan where people might eat and sleep.

What to Consider

Before you buy Portable toilets, or mobile restroom, you should take into consideration the weight and quality of the product. The ease of installation is also an important factor to decide. Karmod Portable Restrooms are among the finest on the market and their high-quality answer all these questions for you, making your decision a lot easier. All Karmod restrooms have different prices depending on their size and quality. Contact us to find the most suitable portable restroom model for your needs.


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