Plastic Mobile Restrooms & Showers

Plastic Mobile Restrooms & Showers

Even in today’s world, people tend to overlook the importance of mobile restrooms. With the growing population and the increase in organized events such as concerts and festivals, the mobile restroom needs are among the most important aspects of public necessity. Especially in areas without an existing infrastructure like mountains, forests, fields, and even construction sites. Although it is possible to produce very different solutions to combat this problem, one of the most popular solutions in recent years is mobile restroom.

Mobile restrooms are porta-cabin style structures, made from polyethylene, that meet the mobile restroom requirements. Inside the mobile restroom, there is a washbasin with separate clean, and waste, water tanks, and a toilet with a European style flush system. The advantage of being made from polyethylene is that they are extremely lightweight, which makes moving them very easy. Each of our mobile restrooms is built from specially designed materials that do not rot or emit unpleasant odors. And due to their moisture and heat-insulating properties, they can be successfully utilized in all possible climates. Our mobile restrooms are also designed to be resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.


Dimensions; Height: 8′ – 1/2″, Width 3′ – 9.3″, Length: 3′ – 9.3″, Weight: 231.485 pound

Plastic Mobile Restrooms & Showers Gallery

Mobile restrooms do not need to have septic tanks as they can be directly connected to the sewage system. In the present day, these sewer-connected restrooms are used in many different places for many different industries. In developed and touristic cities, it is even possible to see mobile restrooms right in the city’s most tourist heavy areas. These mobile restrooms are installed for use of the public to provide a better service for the tourist population.

Our mobile restrooms allow people to meet their needs in an extremely hygienic environment. Where constant use and large crowds are present, hygiene is a number one priority for organizers. If such products are not used in these areas, very serious health problems may occur, especially regarding hygiene. Therefore, both organizers and users are most happy and comfortable when the restrooms they have access too are clean and hygienic.

Usage Areas of Mobile Restrooms

The most popular location where mobile restrooms are utilized on a regular basis is on construction sites, where they are usually one of the first buildings to be constructed and remain there for the entire duration that construction continues. For this reason, these mobile restrooms need to be built from highly durable and long-lasting materials, to accommodate the volume of use and wear they will have to endure. Most construction sites are in operation for years at a time, which means these mobile restrooms become one of the most important structures on the site. Mobile restrooms are perfect for this use because they do not need to be dismantled and moved regularly, they are able to be built and stand for as long as required. When the mobile restroom is no longer required, it can be easily dismantled and moved to another site or stored for future use. Another reason why mobile restrooms are so regularly chosen within the construction industry is that they are so easy and practical to clean.

Another one of the most popular locations where mobile restrooms are heavily used, is on camping sites. These mobile restrooms are a vital requirement for the residents of the camp, so they tend to expect reliable and functional restrooms. For people who experience camping life their primary need is the use of a restroom thus, a mobile restroom is the best solution for this issue. They can be erected onsite and left for as long as needed without the risk of them failing to meet the requirements of the camper.

Mobile Restrooms Summary

Our mobile restroom buildings are made from the highest quality material with substantial wall thickness, which even allows for arctic type conditions, for which we have a selection of artic options. Their reliability and durability mean that they can be used for many years at a time in all kinds of natural conditions. We have a range of mobile restroom models that can be altered and adapted for different requirements. Our range includes, but not limited to, such facilities as mobile showers, mobile Turkish style restroom, mobile camping restroom, mobile washbasin. We also offer disabled, storage, modular, and squat style restroom options, with the latter being on request only. You can contact us for further information.


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