Karmod Prefabricated Technologies has been providing state-of-the-art prefabricated buildings for more than 35 years. As Karmod, we have always put quality over quantity and made significant additions in the realization of countless big or small projects. With professional staff and constant desire to improve, we have always searched for new ways to expand our already a wide variety of exceptionally efficient products and researched various new Technologies to apply both in our services and products. Besides the fact that the concept of prefab is not new, we certainly believe that we can change our customers’ approach to the term ‘prefabricated’ because, to some people, prefabricated buildings are not as reliable as permanent constructs. However, this has been proved to be not true at all as prefabricated homes are sturdier, cheaper, and more convenient than permanent buildings. Additionally, they can have their entirety customized on demand and have them delivered that way.


Prefabricated Homes, Next Generation Accommodation

We, as Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, believe that prefab homes are the future of housing industry. Combining modern architecture with practicality, our products are produced in our factories using latest technologies with the help of our professional staff. Their unmatched price tag and quality excel all kinds of traditional construction methods and they are especially preferred among our customers because of their customizability. Despite these, we apply the latest technologies that this era has to offer in our products. Prefabricated structures are also designed to occupy any kind of area regardless of weather problems or other complications. They can be delivered on site easily and installed on site with our staff already present at the location. The amount of disturbance caused around the environment in the making of traditional buildings is also solved with Karmod prefab homes as they can be installed without the need for heavy-duty construction tools.

The biggest reason for the increase in popularity of prefabricated construction in recent years is that they have significant advantages over traditional buildings. Factory-built houses are built using advanced plans in a controlled environment. Thanks to this feature, the margin of error of the houses is very low and can be produced quickly. It is less affected by weather conditions during installation. Karmod professional team has the competence to build your house with high quality and quickly. We design the details of each house to provide a long-lasting and comfortable experience. We produce nature-friendly houses by minimizing the environmental impact. By building close relationships with our customers, we understand the wishes of our customers during the design phase and work to offer you the most suitable solution. We use the latest technological production techniques in all the prefabricated houses we produce, whether it is a modern house, a two-storey house or a low-cost housing project.

Prefab structures are produced in a factory environment where all quality standards are met and quickly transported to the installation site. You can have houses with high energy efficiency and efficient in terms of space, away from noise pollution, in the city or in a region far from the city. Houses with high Karmod efficiency have more efficient heating and cooling systems than traditional houses. Thanks to these features, the insulation requirements of the houses are lower. Steel frames can be used not only in large buildings, but also in standard houses. In houses that are light and durable, human intervention is minimal and the margin of error is very low. The processes at all installation stages are strictly controlled. The LSF (Lightweight Steel Frame) construction process requires less labor, keeping the cost as low as possible. A typical steel frame house (100 m2) can be completed in short span of time as 2 weeks. The houses, which are quite light, are resistant to earthquakes and other natural disasters thanks to these features. As Karmod, we offer quality product solutions with the latest technology products. With our 35 years of experience, we have realized house projects in more than 125 countries. We understand your needs and create suitable solutions for you.