Booths & Shelters

Booths & Shelters

Karmod booths can be produced in a variety of different styles and sizes according to factors like the intended usage and the location. Our Booths are produced with remarkable durability for both indoor and outdoor use. As the largest polyester cabin manufacturer in the world, Karmod offers, and sells, the highest-quality products around the world, at affordable prices. The most common areas we supply our booths to are, residential areas, toll booths, booths, security points, and even social facilities. Below you can find a brief description of the range of booths we supply.

Booth Models


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Standard Booth

The standard booth’s dimensions start at 150cm x 150cm and can be built up to 270cm x 750cm. Karmod standard booths are the most suitable for the widest range of industries and locations due to their modern aesthetic appearance and smooth finish.

These booths provide an excellent environment for employees and workers, offering a safe and isolated workspace, with large windows for optimal surveyance of the outside areas without having to leave the safety of the booth.

We produce our standard booths using a modular polyester structure in accordance with the modern production guidelines. The panels are reinforced with a polyurethane foam polyester to ensure maximum durability and rigidity. Karmod’s standard booths are superior style booths manufactured using only high-quality raw materials and dyes that don’t emit toxic odors.

Industrial Wide Booth

The industrial, or large booth, is produced with dimensions ranging from 390cm x 390cm to 390cm x 1230cm. They are favorited by industrial business due to their superior features compared to their counterparts. For example, the booths are similarly produced with the same high-quality materials as others, but the panels of the booth are reinforced with, not only a polyurethane foam but an extra coating after, for maximum reinforcement.

The large industrial booths are painted with a specially designed paint that does emit any unpleasant odors. Another advantage of this final step in the production is that the finished surface is very neat, smooth, and shiny.

Our industrial booths are produced and shipped in their prefabricated component for ease of transportation. They are then delivered, and the assembling process is quick and easily accomplished by our installation experts. The Karmod industrial booth is produced to adhere to all international container transportation standards such as air, land, sea and rail.

Metropolis Booth

The metropolis booth is produced starting with the same dimensions as the standard booth at 150cm × 150cm. Karmod metropolis booth booths are utilized in many different areas such as security booths, buffet booths, café booths, market booths, masjid booths, sales office booths, site management center booths, family health center booths, and promotion center convenience booths.

The metropolis booth, like all others, is manufactured with Karmod’s high standards, using only high-quality materials. Due to the urban environment, the metropolis booths are produced with thick walls containing metal, for maximum security. They can also be fitted with steel doors upon request. The walls are filled with Styrofoam for both insulation purposes and soundproofing.

With the produced metropolis booth, aesthetic spaces up to 50M² are offered with the disassembled part production. As with all Karmod products, the metropolis booth is under the guarantee for the after-sales service, of production and setup errors.

Standard Buffet Booth

Our aesthetic buffet booths can be produced for different uses and purposes according to your request. These Karmod mobile modular booths are regularly used as bread booths, fast-food booths, and market booths.

Karmod buffet booths differ from competitor structures with its odorless feature, adhering to strict food hygiene standards. Karmod booth booths are produced and shipped as ready-to-use with electrical installations, doors and windows. Shelf system can also be made according to your request. And with their practical design features, they can be easily shipped to another location.

Like all Karmod’s booths, they are built with only high-quality materials to create extremely durable wall panels. So, when you purchase a Karmod buffet booth, you know you are getting a product from the world’s leading cabin manufacturer.